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Identity design

Web design

Game design


Product design

Marketing & Sales needs


Ron lanir

Shir F. Grossman

Mark Dorenbaum

Boaz Goldstein


2019 - Present


Tel-Aviv, Israel

OVIVO Games is a fast-growing publishing house, focused on high-quality, fun, satisfying, and addictive Hyper-Casual Games.

OVIVO is also a palindrome, which means the word reads the same backward and forwards. It also means the word is very symmetrical, So when we wanted to add some fun & playfulness to the logo, we tilted the v's a bit to the side to add a light zing to it, and added that smile so you can see the happy face of OVIVO's users.


Merch & Swag Design

Campaign Creative

Game Design

Web Design

Identity design

Game Design

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